Water Dental Flosser Faucet Oral Irrigator




 1.Model Number: MK-104C

 2.connection coil tube can be stretched to 1 meter. 

 3.flush your teeth after meals and before sleeping and it is easy to keep good health for oral cavity. 

 4.no electricity needed 

 5.noiseless 

 6.easy installation : simply install to your faucet with an adaptor (water separator) 

 7.6pcs Spray nozzle device in different color : prevent to any mix use, it is hygienic and eye-appealing 

 8.powered by water (battery free), convenient and hygienic 

 9.SGS approved : safe and effective to use 

 10.clean your teeth, message your gum, prevent decayed teeth. 

 11.Warning : This product is specially used for oral and not permitted to use for the eyes, ears and nos 



 1.can adjust the pressure of water 

 2.provide not only single jet, also triple jet 

 3.the angle of the water jet is 90 degree, can help clean teeth better 

 4.unique right-angled jets can clean neck of the inner most tooth

 5.can 360 degree rotation after installed. 


Package includes: 

 3pcs multi-jet nozzle

 3pcs single-jet nozzle

 1pcs plastic faucet adapter

 2pc metal faucet adapter

 1pc storage box

 1pc handle set

 1pc user manual


Note:Please look at the instruction before you use the oral irrigator.1

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