Blackhead Remover Upgraded Vacuum Pore Vacuum Cleaner Rechargeable Face Vacuum Comedone Extractor Tool

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Product name: Small bubble blackhead suction device
Power Source:
Product material: ABS
Power supply mode: USB charging
Charging voltage: DC 5V
Rated power: 1.5W
Rated voltage: 3.7V
Standard operating temperature: -10℃- +40℃
Battery capacity: 500mAh,
Use time: 1 hour
Charging time: 2 hours
Product size: 21.5*4.9*4.7cm
Product weight: 231g
Packing size: 23.5*11*5.5cm

1.While sucking blackheads, injecting oxygen, and replenishing water at the same time, sucking blackheads more thoroughly, gentle and not harmful to the skin.
2.Vacuum absorption force, blackheads can be removed as soon as they are sucked in.
3.Separate the solution bottle/waste bottle to prevent cross-infection.
4.5 kinds of suction heads are interchangeable design, easy to disassemble and assemble, meet different needs for different skin types.
5.3 levels of intelligent adjustment, humanized design (low suction: suitable for delicate parts, mid-range suction: suitable for removing blackheads, high-grade suction: suitable for removing stubborn dirt)

--Use crowd: the general public
--Use scenarios: beauty salons, offices, homes, etc.
--Use function: sucking blackheads and replenishing water
--Stong vacuum adsorption, oxygen injection and water replenishment circulation system does not damage the skin, water pressure to clean the pores and residues, with solution bottles and waste bottles.
--Suitable for skin type: the device is suitable for any skin type (when using with skin lotion, please understand the skin type suitable for the solution)
--Product Efficacy: Deeply clean the skin, absorb blackheads/acne/whiteheads, remove makeup, remove oil, replenish water and moisturize
--Imported media: purified water, energy water, cleansing liquid, blackhead liquid, makeup remover, lotion, essence, toner, etc.

Product List:
1*Blackhead meter
1*USB charging cable
1*English manual

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