Reusable Silicone Face Mask Cover Prevent Mask Essence Evaporation Speed Up Better Absorption Moisturizing Facial Mask Cover



This reusable mask cover can keep facial mask\'s water and essence from evaporating.
It easily conforms to facial masks.
Using temperature: -20~220°;

1. It is used on facial masks, keeping facial mask\'s water and essence from evaporating.
2. Unique ear hook design can prevent mask\'s translocation and falling.
3. You can also wear this mask cover in bathing.
4. It is made of silicone with no rubber scent.
5. It is reusable.

Product name: Silicone Beauty Facial Mask Cover
Material: silicone
Net weight: about 16g
Gross weight: about 19g

1. Please do not wear it for a long time or wear it in sleep.
2. If there is discomfort or scratches on your face, please do not wear it.
3. If your face appears red and swollen, pruritus or stimulation after or in wearing, please stop wearing it.
4. This mask cover is used to prevent mask\'s translocation and falling, so it may not conform to your face.
5. Keep it away from pointy items.
6. Do not pull this mask cover hard.
7. Do not clean it with cleaner.
8. Keep it away from fire.


1 X Silicone Facial Mask Cover

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