Multifunctional Facial Lifting And Thinning Face Instrument

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  • Red infrared ray provides a hot compress. can promote blood circulation. enhance skin elasticity. anti-aging. anti-oxidation. skin repairing.

  • Blue ray therapy can relieve skin inflammation. calm the skin. clean and sterilize the skin. reduce acne. wrinkles and scars. shrink pores.
  • There are 5 optional modes including automatic. massage. knead. needle. thrash. with red light alternating with blue light therapy.
  • Offer 10 vibration levels to help relax facial muscles. improve the strength of micro muscles. increase the flexibility of the face. fully lift and tighten facial muscles. and shape face.
  • The device gets fully charged in 2 hours and can support 12-15 times of use. The device will auto shut down in 15 minutes.


Function : Negative ion. infrared. Color light
Color : White
Applicable Scene : Home
Product Material : ABS
Battery Capacity : lOOOOmAH
Output Voltage : 3.7V
Maximum Power : 7W
Quiescent Current : 100uA
Size Information : Product size: about 170x110x500mm

Package Content: 

1x face-lifting device 

1x USB cable 

1x manual

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