Enchanted Galaxy Rose

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Enchanted Galaxy Rose represents Faith in Love Forever

"Love You More as Time Goes by.."

Great for home decor. Would look amazing anywhere you want. Great gift for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Anniversary, Wedding, and more. Our Enchanted Galaxy Rose creates a comforting feeling in the house when spending time with your loved ones.

Hand Made with Love
Filled with 20 LED fairy lights
Encased by a glass dome
Creates a warm, ambient light
Features a charming base
Makes birthdays and anniversaries special

Limited Edition

Unique Gift Idea!

Expressing your love for that special someone uniquely and elegantly! To add to the beauty of a sparkling rose, the never-fade preservation dome represents all the efforts made between you and your significant other to preserve the beauty of what you have together!
Giving to a friend or relative as a nice reminder of your appreciation.
Or even as a gift to your self as a tasteful and unique lighting solution!

The Magical Rose 

The magical glow of this iridescent rose won’t cease to mesmerize the one you gift it to. What makes it even more special are the gorgeous fairy lights that surround it, filling the air with a soft glow when lit.

Whether you are next to your partner right now or quarantined far away from each other, keep the spark of love alive. Send them all of your affection with the ultimate symbol of love, the Enchanted Galaxy Rose.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q- Does it come with batteries?
A- No, You will have to buy 3x AAA batteries separately.

Q- How long does the rose last?
A- This Rose is designed to last a lifetime.

Q- Does it turn on & off by itself?
A- No, There is a manual switch at the bottom of the dome.

Q- Is the rose and the wooden base separate?
A- No, The glass dome cannot be separated as it is glued together to avoid accidentally breaking the glass or the rose.

Q- Does it come put together or is this a DIY?
A- It comes put together.

Q- What color do you recommend for a girl?
A- I would recommend Red or Galaxy rose as it is more romantic.

Q- Can i take out the rose?
A- The Dome is glued. It cannot be opened.

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