EMS Eye Massager Anti Wrinkle Eye Massage Anti Aging USB Rechargeable Massager For Face Electric Eye Dark Circles Remove


How to use

1.Turn on the vibration massage mode and pull up along the contour at a 45-degree angle. Treat sagging skin
2.Apply the mask to turn on the light EMS to promote the absorption of essence.

About product

This product has four modes: thermotherapy, radio frequency iontophoresis, color light rejuvenation, and high frequency vibration, which can provide a comprehensive care for the eyes. It can effectively get rid of dark circles, eye fine lines, eye bags, edema, and relieve eye fatigue. Quickly introduce eye cream essential oil to promote eye nutrition absorption.We have three kinds of manuals, Russian, Spanish and English. Please contact us  if necessary


Q:How to use the instrument correctly.
A1:Apply the eye cream evenly and turn on the micro current to promote the absorption of the eye cream. Then turn on the vibration to massage the eyes
A1:After applying the mask, turn on the electric current lamp and move slowly on the face to promote the absorption of the essence of the mask. Then turn on the vibration massage to lift the skin to remove wrinkles
Q2:How long will it take me to receive the package
A2:Three  weekends
Q3:How often per week should I use?
A3:Use it every day and follow the instructions. Do not exceed 2 hours at a time

product parameters

Product name: brightening beauty brush product model :N9
Working voltage: 3.7v
charging voltage :5V
Rated power :3W
charging time :5 hours
Packing list: one host, one copy of product manual and one USB charging cable.


1.EMS current (and RF RF technology)
Popular with the new technology of euramerican Japan and Korea, use EMS current, help muscle motion rises,
stimulate skin organization, make muscle more Firm, skin more dynamic and elastic, improve the surface fine
lines, delicate skin, help restore the state of young and tender skin. with The lifting action can also be used to
shape the skin shape and contour. When working, the skin will feel prickly and elastic. RF current (RF)
Characterized by the shortest distance flow between electrodes, the rf current flows between tissues according
to the high frequency characteristics and The electrical resistance of an organism, the part that flows easily,
produces energy, the sensation of heat.
2.Ultrasonic import and export
High frequency vibration massage is used to wake up skin tissue and enhance skin elasticity and vitality
Strength, while changing the pore tension, help essence, essential oil, lotion and other skin care products to be
It can be quickly introduced into the deep layer of skin to enhance the absorption of nutrients.
3.45 ℃ constant temperature heat
Constant temperature hot compress is widely used in cosmetology, health care, health and other industries,
the main function is: warm skin, improve skin tension and promote nutrient absorption, relieve fatigue and
pain. A 45 degree thermostat heat pack for the eyes It is a powerful means to reduce dark circles and bags
under the eyes. It can also relieve eye fatigue and dryness caused by excessive use of eyes.
4.LED the colourful
Red light: red light is anti-aging and can stimulate cells, enhance vitality, accelerate blood circulation, promote
protein proliferation and strengthen skin Elasticity, fade melanin, have the function of convergence and
tightening the skin, fade and soothe the marks and scars after acne healing The effect of the plane.
Blue light: continuous exposure of blue light can make blood vessels constrict, strengthen protein fiber tissue,
tighten pores, and effectively remove acne Acne, effective improvement of oily skin.Yellow light: promote cell
renewal and deep beauty, enhance skin elasticity and brightness, increase effective skin protein

Cleaning and maintenance

1. In order to ensure the durability and use effect of the probe, it is recommended to wipe it with a wet towel
and dry it with a dry towel after each use.
2. Keep the appliance away from moisture. When cleaning, prevent water from entering the USB charging
port Wave in the furnace.
3. Please turn off the machine before cleaning.
4. Do not use sharp or corrosive, volatile diluent cleaners.
5. Do not flush the appliance directly with water, as it will cause water damage to the machine.