Car Window Sunshade Retractable Foldable Windshield Sunshade Cover Shield Curtain Auto Sun Shade Block Anti-UV Car Window Shade


1. Reflective aluminum film sunshade, high temperature and corrosion resistance to ensure that the windshield cover is cool in summer, the ordinary sunshade only shields the sun, and has no thermal insulation effect.
2. The unique design makes it easy to install using suction cups, convenient, fast storage, and easily store it anywhere in the vehicle without occupying space.
3. The sunshade can be cut freely according to the vehicle model, and the tightness is better.
4. Its purpose is to prevent the internal temperature of the car from rising and prevent the ultraviolet rays of the sun from directly shining on the car to protect the instrument panel. The three-layer process blocks 99% of harmful ultraviolet rays and prevents the interior aging and peeling.
5. This product is made of memory aluminum alloy. The folding problem can be solved by manual folding, and can be folded repeatedly without affecting the use.
6. With retractable design, easy to use, it can be fixed in one second with only one hand, which is super time-saving and convenient.
7. Easy to install, equipped with a sturdy bracket, simple installation, no longer need the trouble of large pieces of cardboard, no more chaos when folding, can be freely disassembled, saving space.
8. Anti-aging nano-silica gel suction cup, the suction power after repeated washing is still, without leaving traces.
9. Suitable for most models, do not pick the car.

installation steps:
1. Use a sunshade to compare the height of the glass and cut the excess.
2. After positioning the sunshade, press the suction cup tightly against the glass.
3. Pull the sunshade to a suitable position on the left, and press the suction cup tightly against the glass.
4. The installation is completed, shading / heat insulation / beautiful.

In summer, do not put flammable objects such as lighters in outdoor vehicles.