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Age Range:> 3 years old
Model Number:adventure tack
Warning:keep away from fire
Ship/Naval Vessel:Other
3C Configuration Category:Plastic toys under 14 years old
Toy Material:Plastic
Remote control mode:Handle

ABS raw materials, safety and environmental
protection are guaranteed

1.Press the purple circular button "ding" and
the car rises and starts!

2.The purple knob is rotated back and forth to
operate three turntables at the same time, and the
car passes smoothly.

3.Bus cars also come and turn the green knob
conveyor belt to take the car to the top of the mountain.

4.Push the orange button forcefully and the car
bounces up and is sucked in by the plane.

Continue to turn the green knob and bring the car
back to the runway.

5.Pull the orange tie rod, "wow" broken bridge actually
closed, the car can pass smoothly.

6.Pull the gray pull rod and watch the crane pull up the car.

7.Sprint, along the long curved track to the end.

360 Degree Skin-softening Balloon

Anti-impact ABS material, strong initial fall
resistance,safety design, parts and components
are firmly connected without falling off, accompanying
the baby for a longer time.