3 inch electro-optical ball USB magic light negative ion lamp plasma electrostatic ball magic magic lightning ball glow ball


Is Bulbs Included:Yes
Is Batteries Required:Yes
Light Source:LED Bulbs
Power Generation:Switch
Item Type:Night Lights
Body Material:Plastic

product name] usb+ battery dual-use electrostatic ion ball

[product material] plastic + glass

[Product size] Size: 3 inches in diameter (about 8cm),

                                 Bottom diameter 10CM overall height 13.5cm

[package size] 153*110*110mm

[product weight] plus packaging 205g / piece

[product packaging] color box packaging


How to use: The product is plug and play. Connect the USB cable DC plug to the product, the USB plug to the computer USB port or the power supply with USB port; or install 4 7th batteries, turn the switch to the ON position to light the product, and the OFF position is off.

Power consumption: up to 2.5 watts at 5 volts.

Working humidity: 90%

Working voltage: 5V

Working current: ≤500mA

Working temperature: -20 ° C - 75 ° C

Storage temperature: -40 ° C - 85 ° C

Negative ion USB magic ball light

Power supply mode: USB

Size: 3 inches in diameter (about 8cm), bottom diameter 10CM overall height 13.5cm

Accessories: a USB cable,

The magical effect of the legendary magic lamp is also:

1. Disinfection function: Negative ions can also neutralize static electricity, effectively reducing static pollution in the air. And in the case of illumination, a large number of high-speed moving negative ions will be generated. Under the action of the light thermal effect, the aerodynamic principle can be used to more evenly and effectively spread to the entire indoor space, and the environment can be disinfected and purified without any dead angle.

2. Purify the air: The negative ions emitted by the sphere have fresh air, decompose and absorb nicotine and formaldehyde and other harmful gases and dust particles. At the same time of illumination, negatively charged air negative ions can be formed. When negative ions are combined with pathogenic cells in the air, the cells of the bacteria die due to structural changes. Negative ions can neutralize the positively charged smoke dust floating in the air by negative charge, so that it loses its activity and naturally precipitates, eventually achieving the purpose of purifying the air.

3. Electrostatic induction: This product is made by the principle of exciting plasma discharge. When you put your hand on the electron beam, it will go with you, just as your hand is magical. When the hand touches the star, the speed of light will jump with the fingertips and it will be very dynamic.

4. Manufacture of active oxygen: the use of negative high-voltage ions to generate negative ions, and then activate the oxygen molecules in the air and make them active and easily absorbed by humans.

5. Improve lung function: After inhaling negative ions for 30 minutes, the lung function increases to absorb 20% of oxygen and 15% of carbon dioxide.

6. Prevention of air-conditioning diseases: Negative ions decompose bacteria, dust, keep the air clean, eliminate fatigue, and effectively prevent air-conditioning diseases.

7. Promote metabolism: Negative oxygen ions can activate a variety of enzymes in the body and promote metabolism.

8. Enhance disease resistance: Negative oxygen ions can make people feel refreshed, work efficiency is improved, sleep can be improved, and there is obvious analgesic effect.

9. Sterilization function: Negative ions are easy to adsorb bacteria, causing structural changes and energy transfer, resulting in bacterial disease death and no new bacterial species.

10. Fresh air: Negative ions combine with the floating dust and dust in the air to precipitate and make the air clean.

11. Reduce electrostatic radiation: The "-" charge of the negative ion is neutralized with the "+" charge of the display, reducing electrostatic radiation.

This product is suitable for families, bars, tea houses, restaurants, cafes, dance halls, etc. It is a good gift for friends and relatives. Can also be used for new product launches, science and education museum exhibitions, opening ceremony launches, agents promotional gifts, etc.

普通圆形离子球 7


普通圆形离子球 10




                          8寸                                       6寸                                   5寸                         4寸

供电方式: 5V USB线供电或者4颗7号电池(需自备)




使用4颗7号电池供电                                                  使用配送的USB线供电