28Pcs/14Pairs Advanced Teeth Whitening Strips Stain Removal for Oral Hygiene Clean Double Elastic Dental Bleaching Strip



Whitening effect

Effective to remove tea stain, coffee stain, pigment teeth, dental plaque. Teeth whitening, reduce tooth dirt, enhance oral hygiene, reduce oral diseases.

Tooth whitening contrast card 

With a tooth whitening contrast card in side, easy to witness tooth whitening process at home.

One upper and one lower

Teeth whitening strip designed to fit the engineering shape of the upper and lower tooth rows.

Highly elasticity and viscosity gelatinous

Adopts the advanced particle technology that can produce a highly elasticity and viscosity gelatinous.

Some people have cracks and white spots on their teeth during use. This is because their teeth already have hidden cracks and abrasions. After whitening, the flaws of the teeth will be magnified, but this is a normal phenomenon and usually recovers in about half a day.

Any product needs to be used consistently, please wait for the comparison after using a course of treatment, please feel free to contact us if you have any questions


Item Type: Teeth Whitening Strips

Ingredient: 0.1% hydrogen peroxide

Quantity: 7pairs/14 Pcs;14pairs/28Pcs

Item Size: 12 * 5.5cm / 4.7 * 2.2in (L * W)

Package Size: 12 * 6.5 * 1.5cm / 4.8 * 2.5 * 0.6in

Package List:

7/14 * Teeth Whitening Strips

1 * Teeth Shade Guide

1 * User Manual


1.don't use these whitening strips if suffering from dental ulcers,broken gum,or after oral surgery

2.people with sensitive teeth should reduce the dosage or use under the guidance of a dentist

3.in the event of eye contact,rinse with plenty of water

4.this product is not recommended for persons under the age of 12 and pregant women




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