Rose Watercolor Tea Towel




  • Add a cozy touch to the kitchen with these tea towels. Made of cotton twill, these machine washable towels will be an adorable way to decorate and absolutely perfect for a thoughtful gift!
  • Add a touch of bohemian chic to your kitchen and decorate with this collection of durable black and white boho tea towels. Available in a multitude of designs to mix and match
  • To our mug collection, these tea towels will help you wipe away any kitchen spills while still decorating in style
  • Each tea towel also has a matching mug to complete the inspirational theme
  • Each towel has a corner tab, which makes it easier to hang and display, adding beauty and whimsy to your kitchen or bathroom
  • Highly absorbent made from 100 percent cotton, so they soak up water and messes quickly and efficiently