Hands-free Soap Dispenser

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Keep your health by washing your hands!

Don't we all love taking care of ourselves, right?
Well, with this Hands-free Soap Dispenser you can get to know one more kind of practice for exactly that. Here is how!

Completely touchless!

How you may ask! This Hands-free Soap Dispenser will assure you can get to your soap without needing to touch anything. By using this technique you can lower your chances of getting and spreading bacterias. 

All you need to do is bring your hands closer to the device whose sensor will boot and eject a sufficient amount of soap. 


In that way, you will worry less about should you or should you not touch the soap dispenser at your home or any public place you bought this for!

Easy refill!

This Hands-free Soap Dispenser is ideal in size for any spatially decorated interior. It's economical, convenient, and has intelligent USB charging. 

After one charge, you can use it up to 10.800 times. It will last for approximately 3-6 months. And, it means you will just need to refill it every time it gets empty, which is easy and quick!

It has an Infrared Induction Sensor that ejects soap just 0.25 seconds after you bring your hands closer to the device. 

It's made from strong plastic AND is very durable!


Not only that you can use it for handwashing purposes, but it can also be filled with hand sanitizers. Enabling disinfection at every step.

It's great and efficient for public places such as any buildings, their restrooms, school, hospitals, gas stations, and many, many more!

This Hands-free Soap Dispenser is just perfect for human survival needs today.
It will make taking care of each other easier and more efficient.

So, don't wait any longer and get one for your house and any building that you work in, NOW!!!

 Frequently Asked Questions

1. How long does the battery last?
 - It lasts for months and you can use it up to 10.800 times! Which is more than enough.
2. How does it saves the water and liquid you pour in?
 - It converts liquid into the foam with its innovative foam technology. Resulting in less dosage and faster flushing. 


Model Number


Main material





Hand washing and sanitizing

Product Size


Operating temperature

5-40 degrees

Bottle capacity


Product Weight


Working Humidity


Charging Voltage


Rated Power


Sensing Distance


Single output


Battery Capacity


Waterproof Level


Life span

50.000 times